Why I love blogging, plus: Birds of Dead of Night

Giganta loves you, Steve Gerber!

Justice League Unlimited #43, Love Takes Flight!And we do too. waAaugh!

Sigh. Nothing makes me feel better than that. Especially after the negativity of last post.

EDIT: You can check out Marvel.com's own respects to him here. It's really cool, in that it has a cover gallery of only some of his work with the publisher.

Anyways, here are some links that might interest you:


That's a link to a scans_daily post, a community where people post scans of comics daily.

That link covers Zinda's first transformation into Queen Killer Shark at the dastardly hands of Killer Shark. That guy is such a douchebag in the scans: he swipes a vial from a dying scientist, and then tests it on a stray kitten. He really better get his comeuppance in Birds #116, the penultimate issue of McKeever's run.

Anyways, if you missed my review of Birds of Prey #115, which sees the transformation from Lady Blackhawk to Queen Killer Shark (again), you can find it here. It wasn't a bad issue, but it definitely had its flaws.

Those who know fear. . . BURN at the Man-Thing's touch!

That links to a comicbookresources interview with writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

He'd wanted to leave Marvel with something he'd really enjoy, and Dead of Night is such a monster. It's meant as a throwback to four different horror genres, he says in the interview, and he hopes that they all work together in the end.

The first issue is meant as an EC horror comic.
The second similar to an old Warren magazine.
The third 70s' mutant cannabilistic horror.
The fourth James Cameron "Aliens"-style.

If you missed my review of Dead of Night #2, you can check it out here. In short, it was an issue that left me cold.

Newsarama's posted some preview pages for several DC books, one of which is Catwoman #77! I think you guys know how I feel about issue 76, so I'm hoping 77 offers some insight alongside the fantastic fun it has.

I'm really gonna try to get reviews up on Wednesday and then Thursday for the week, guys. There really is no better time to sit in front of your computer than the emergence of the Spring Time.

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