All Things Supreme: Chaykin's Squadron

I swear, I need to marry you, Newsarama. For all your idiotic message board ranting, you've given me what no other website has given me.

Joe Straczynski's "Go get 'em." to Chaykin and Turini on the Squadron Supreme.

I am so happy.

We're done with looking at Straczynski's Squadron, but that only means we get to look at the upcoming Chaykin and Turini's squadron.'s released some cover art and a preview page here (it may have updated even more by now).

The cover's by Pornface McGee, but I don't recognize any tracing here, so I'm fine with it. Who is everyone, though, because none of these people are part of the Squadron yet!

The preview page there, well, it's definitely a change from Frank's realistic and mature style. I'd expect this kind of work from something like Grimm Fairy Tales, and it's definitely a step down from Frank.

Still though, the writing should be able to redeem the art if it falls short. You may know Howard Chaykin for, basically, war. Currently, he's working on a WWII miniseries with Garth Ennis. He was charged with a three-issue revamp of the Blackhawk series as well as a critically acclaimed series called American Flagg! (the exclamation is part of the title.)

With those kinds of books behind his helm, maturer but still fun kinds of books, Chaykin sounds like a reasonably excellent fit for the Squadron.

As for the art, you can find Turini's website here, with links to his blog, his art, all sorts of stuff. A lot of it's erotica, but I like his pencils. They're not too heavy; they're fairly expressive and they're very fine. The coloring is surreal-ish, but I know that the Squadron won't be getting that kind of coloring. I hope Marvel sets him up with a fine inker, because I don't want heavy lines on my Squadron.

Here's to the future guys.

Silver Surfer

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