Supreme Update: some sketches from Turini

Just some links you guys might wanna check out:

An Italian website hosts some sketches of the squadron supreme from Marco Turini. Some of them are inked, some colored.

But all are pencilled!

See, now I know how to characterize Turini's art.
The coloring is a bit too comic book-y. It doesn't achieve the refined tone that Gary Frank and Jon Sibal had, and is more appropriate for a book like Grimm Fairy Tales. The lines on the body are too smooth and don't seem to have any contour.
I really dig Turini's pencilling, but that single preview page really took away the detail from the pencilling.

The anatomy is, well, chunky to say the least, but Hyperion's last pose and Doctor Spectrum's pin-up look pretty cool, despite the chunky.Something that's annoying: Why is the Blur so muscled? It always irks me when people draw so much muscle tone on speedsters. They're speedsters! Their muscles should be prominent in their legs!

ALSO: The new series will be called "Squadron Supreme Returns." Intuitive enough, right?

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