Whooo-hooo! Rocket style!

You may have missed it, but here at Newsarama, they made an announcement about Guardians of the Galaxy:
. . . Marvel is adding another cosmic ongoing to their line-up, this time resurrecting Guardians of the Galaxy as a team book featuring sci-fi heroes and concepts spinning out of the Annihilation: Conquest mini-series. . .
New series are always exciting, but you know why this one is particularly so?

from Nova #9

Cosmo: the telepathic astro-dog!

He first appeared in issue number eight of Nova. In the subsequent issue, they teamed up to fight a bunch of space zombies.

Cosmo zombies

The zombies were actually space-type Avengers who'd been infected by the space villain Abyss, and it was their job to protect Knowhere from Abyss. They of course, fail, but Nova and Cosmo fight them off and defeat Abyss!

Cosmo spasiba

Take it away Cosmo!

Rocket Style!

I'm probably going to get Guardians of the Galaxy, just so I can see what's going on with Cosmo, Gamora and Drax. Nova has always had a great supporting cast. The only thing is, I wonder where Cammi is. You know, the Cammi from Annihilation: Drax?

Stats a-go-go