Did you see the solicitation for this month's Green Arrow/Black Canary (issue #7)?????

Green Arrow/Black Canary #8

It says -and I quote- "Art and cover by Cliff Chiang." May I repeat: "by Cliff Chiang."

And have you seen preview pages for this month's Green Arrow/Black Canary?

Birds of Prey 75
I wish I were, Zinda. I wish I were.

The solicits, they lied! I feel so betrayed. Although it is a great twist who the aliens turn out to be. . .

. . . I never got to say goodbye to Mr. Cliff Chiang. Mike Norton doesn't stand a dime up to your Dinah there. It's really disappointing.

Now if you excuse me, I just. . . I just (SNIFF) need to find someplace to, to cry. . .

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