Happy Valentine's Day, Creepy Lady!

Just one comic this week. Blame me being lazy the economy.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #17
by Andrew Kreisberg and Mike Norton

Now that DC's done with the line-wide "Faces of Evil" specials, they're doing "Origins and Omens" specials. For this here comic book,we get 18 pages of story, with six pages for a little "Origins and Omens" back-up. In the back-up we get a funny-looking blue guy (Guardian of the Universe) speaking cryptically, a teenage Dinah Lance accidentally killing a boy she has a crush on, with her sonic scream, and then a little montage of confusing pictures that I think are supposed to foreshadow future events.
what's black got to do?

(Isn't Mia's costume red?)

Make of those what you will. Personally, I think those pages would be better spent on the main story, because it's kind of slow. The plot moves along sure enough, but there are just so many three-page panels, and dialogue-less pages. Kreisberg may be returning serious themes back to Green Arrow (re-Grell-ifying it!), but he sure is taking his time.

I mean, it's very fitting that she's talking about Valentine's Day, but, when Green Arrow's lady stalker actually does something, a month from now, Valentine's Day will already be over! Geez louise!

No real complaints though, except for this:
stalker lady

How does a mask fit on her face like that? It looks ridiculous.

Stats a-go-go