friendly neighborhood housekeeping

We are totally getting our housekeeping on today. CAN YOU DIG IT?

Mainly, we're gonna dust off my old, old list of comic books that I read, which you can find near the bottom of the sidebar. I'll talk about some comics that I've left hanging, miniseries that I forgot about, etc. Basically, if you were ever wondering, "Hey, whatever happened with TITLE X that you talked about one day? And then never brought up again? I want my money back!" then this post is for you!

Marvel Adventures: Avengers
Dropped. Jeff Parker left the series.
Hulk movie
Paul Tobin took over, and while Tobin comes up with really wacky concepts, he just plum executes them very poorly.

Guardians of the Galaxy
done with this. Introduced way too many characters when it didn't flesh out the original ones.
oh skullskullskullskull

The direction they're taking is a little. . . funky. I'm thinking about replacing this with Green Lantern.

recently picked this up. Bought Warren Ellis's run on it, in trade, and enjoyed it. This book reflects the undercurrent that permeates Marvel right now: our heroes have failed, so we must turn to other figures to protect the world (NORMAN OSBORN).
In a similar vein, I'm also kind of keeping up with Dark Reign. The price tag is ridiculous though (3.99 for 22 pages???), so I may just wait for the trade, if I end up liking it enough.

Birds of Prey
Over and done with. I think I'll pick up the three-issue mini, Oracle: The Cure.
huntress ambulance

Ambush Bug: Year None
Got the first four issues. Stopped caring about it after that to get the last two.

Action Comics
Superman high five
Wait, so Superman isn't going to be here? And Geoff Johns isn't writing? Dropped.

Not sure if I should drop it. Apathy is keeping me from getting it.
Well, that and being broke.

Bad Dog
Got the first issue. Liked it. Considering this is an indy comic though, it'll take forever for the second issue to come out.

Got the last issue of the most recent miniseries. Pretty sure I neglected to review it. I have no idea when the next issue's coming out.

Amazing Spider-Man
Picked up the first part of "Character Assassination." Couldn't bring self to care about it.
Spidey: NOoOO!

House of Mystery
Plot isn't going anywhere. Don't care enough to keep reading. Wasted enough money on this already.

Detective Comics
Wait, so Paul Dini's leaving the title? And Greg Rucka will be replacing Batman with Batwoman?

Hm, I'm actually kind of interested.

So, I may have been bashing some comics today, but really, I think Superman sums it all up pretty well:
superman coffee

If there was any title that I overlooked, please feel free to mention it! It's a free world we live in, after all.

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