New Krypton finale: Does anyone remember Secret Invasion?

No, of course, you don't. That's because it wasn't a real story. Sure, things happened, and people came back from the dead, but that didn't make a story. The only issue in the 7-issue mini that actually mattered, that actually meant something, was the last issue, because the real story is Dark Reign. Secret Invasion was just a hyped-up, useless reason to bring it about.

It seems like, these days, before you can really tell a story, you have to make a big deal about setting it up. World War Hulk was five issues of Hulk beating the snot out of people, which then led to the stories in Incredible Herc and Skaar. Ultimate Power was nine issues of people beating the snot out of each other, and only the last issue was important in setting up the exchange between two people across continuities.

This is just really depressing. It's a waste of comic books, a waste of money, and this is exactly what New Krypton is.

New Krypton pt. 10: Action Comics #873

by Geoff Johns and Pete Woods

I don't get it. In the Annihilation event, you had people managing to tell a story in just four issues. A ragtag team of misfits would band together, to stop the impossible menace of Annihilus. And you'd end up caring about all these characters you didn't even know before.

Why couldn't New Krypton tell a story in 10 issues? Why couldn't it be an actual story? Just because you have people fighting, and saying meaningless words, doesn't make it a story. In these ten issues, Lex Luthor has done precisely one thing, and that was off-panel. Superman has done nothing but play diplomat, and fail. New Krypton isn't a real story. The real story is with all the new characters that it introduced. I didn't pay for a story. I paid for a ploy, and that pisses me off.

One cool thing happens though: the New Kryptonians uproot Kandor from the Arctic, and create their own planet. It's in orbit directly across from the Sun, so Earth can never see it.

That is pretty awesome, and the true meat of comic books, but aside from that, New Krypton was a severe disappointment, and I am severely disappointed. I really hoped on, you know, reading this and liking it, but it just . . . takes the reader for a dullard. This was a failure. Don't pick up any issue of it. Don't even look at it.

Ugh. I am seriously reconsidering just dropping a ton of comics right now. Ugh.

For reference, I was actually optimistic about the series in the beginning.
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