Ah, put a sock in it!

I watched the last episode of Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (see post before last), and I gotta tell ya, boy is it one Debbie Downer! Spider-Man is manipulated into harming the woman with whom he's in a relationship (it's not MJ), so Peter has to deal with the fact that Spider-Man's put her in a coma. Subsequently, he stashes his costume in a suitcase, and throws it into the River. Spider-Man No More!

Speaking of last things, let's talk about the final issue for

Birds of Prey #127
by Tony Bedard and Claude St. Aubin
It's really, really. . . mediocre.

With 18 pages of story, the Silicon Syndicate gets taken down, while the All-New, All-Dangerous Calculator escapes. Then Barbara dismantles the birds, leaving Misfit in Huntress's care. Presumably, Barbara needs to leave to "find herself" and whatnot.

The "Origins and Omens" six-page back-up is vague, confusing foreshadowing, and I think it's a waste of space.

Two things:
1) Leaving Misfit, the spunky teenager, with Huntress, the angry teacher who cares a lot about her kids? Totally awesome move. I agree 100%.

ah, put a SOCK in it!
2) The action here? A nice final hurrah for our birds. Zinda is awesome; Misfit is awesome; they all get their moments.

I just wish it didn't have to be such an agonizing story to tell. Bedard had the title for, what, 10 issues (118-127)? Simone could've told a thoroughly complex, but true-to-the-characters, story in six.

All in all, Bedard did a shoddy job on Birds, but still, I think I will check out Oracle's three-issue mini, The Cure. It's written by Kevin Vanhook, whom I know nothing about, but hey, we share the same first names, so how bad can it be?

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