friendly neighborhood stats a-go-go

I know this week had a Wednesday and everything, and I know how when the nation is in economic duress, people tend to read more fiction to escape from reality, but --

--that's easy to say when you're not broke. This is why we do stats today. It's come to my realization that refreshes the keywords that link to the blog -- It doesn't archive all of them, so I can't know what keywords led people to the blog way back in October.

This means all my keywords are fleeting! Since I have a crummy memory, let's look at the newer ones before they get axed:

lady blackhawk new artwork
queen killer shark

zinda blake
I love to see Zinda getting searched for! If I had a minimate of her (which I shall someday), she'd totally give a thumbs-up somehow.

roast and pie avengers
wolverine spiderman roast pie

I don't know who looked these up, but whoever you are, I love you.

Gonzo the mechanical bastard
I get one of these searches every month or so. He's incredibly obscure, but there's an insane amount of potential in the guy. No one really pays him any attention though.

is nova's worldmind dead
is novas worldmind dead

These are pretty specific keyphrases, and I really like them too, because the blog actually addresses 'em at one point.

"Spidey grows old and dies off"
Mind you, there are actual quotes in the keyphrase, because that's how the person searched. When you're Googling something, you can put quotes around it so that Google will search for that specific phrase, like, for example, "Queen Killer Shark, Pirate Pearl of the Pacific" and whatnot.
I'm glad the person got to the blog, but kinda sad that s/he used this keyphrase.

24 times that someone has searched for a variation of Detective Comics 850, with other stuff like "Selina" or "Bruce" or "review" added in there.
There were ten variations, and one variation was searched for for up to 8 times! Detective 850 sure was popular.

never wash behind ears
benefits of washing behind your ears
Kinda random.

I just wanna wrap this up by saying how awesome you guys are. Your keywords bring a smile to my face, and thank you so much for that!

Stats a-go-go