"Every iota of you disgusts every iota of me."

Kids, the comic today involves mature stuff, so if you don't know what a "skinhead" is, please don't let this blog corrupt you! Neo-Nazis are bad, bad people, and their ideals are bad, bad ideals.
Today's comic is 25 pages of story for $3.50. The only ads are house ads, and most of them are after the story. Make of that what you will. You can find the first issue here.

Bad Dog #2
by Joe Kelly and Diego Greco

So Joe Kelly's new comic has survived to see a second issue! Awesome.

To catch you up, Bad Dog is a comic about two bounty hunters, Lou and Wendell. Wendell is a fat troll-like guy who calls everyone godless heathens while cussing every other word. Lou is kind of a tragic werewolf. Milk cartons, of all things, make him really sad, because there are always the "Have you seen me?" dealies with children's faces, and most of the time, there's never any point in looking for the kids, because they're dead by the time you find them, or worse.
milk carton

This issue kicks off with domestic "bliss" where Wendell tries to cheer up Lou and fails, but the consequences are hilarious.

Later, they take a bounty hunting commission for -- you won't believe it -- neo-nazi white supremacists! Wendell chose them on purpose, because he knew that beating on some skinheads would cheer Lou up. Awwww. There's a brilliant two-page splash where Lou and Wendell have fun with picking on the guys. The panels are framed as polaroids, the kind you'd wanna put in a photo album!

Eventually, one of the guys escapes and gets ahold of their massive artillery collection. What I found funny but sad was that they had different racks of guns labeled "Mexican" and "Black" and "Asian." Eventually, everything goes awry, and Lou and Wendell botch their job.

get it off!

The ending is really cute, but in a melancholy way. I really enjoyed the issue, but I'll warn you: you need a good sense of humor to deal with the raunchy, outrageous stuff in this part-social satire, part human-commentary romp in America's backside.

ALSO: there are a lot of cusses and innuendoes, so kids, STEER CLEAR of this!


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