Local comic book-ers in Chicago:

With movies like Iron Man, the Dark Knight, and most recently Watchmen, it seems like Hollywood's been having a little comic book fetish right now!

And hey, while we're at it, why not include some smaller titles? I am, of course, talking about Josh Elder's Tokyopop book, Mail-Order Ninja. As the Chicago Tribune describes, it too is getting involved in the Hollywood machinery!

(Click the link, and you'll even see them mention my school, Northwestern University! Hah!)

Mail-Order Ninja involves a ten-year-old boy ordering a ninja -- through the mail! There are two volumes as far as I know, and I found them both at a local library.


It is a spectacular and fun read, and most importantly, Josh outlines in the article that this'll be a movie made for the kids -- not the bunch of middle-age males that made up most of the revenue for the excess present in Watchmen.

Josh has also worked on some Johnny DC stuff, and he was at last year's Windy City Comic-Con too! Here's the two of us being irrevocable geeks awesome:

And hey, while I'm at it, let's look at some more Chicago comic book-ers!

Tim Seeley works for Devil's Due Publishing. He's done a book with Jesus kicking the snot out of zombies. He's also doing a book called Hack/Slash. I kept up with it for awhile, but then it stopped being a fun parody of awful 80's horror movies, and it started getting serious and pretty mediocre.

Mike Norton is an artist! His most recent work is Green Arrow/Black Canary, and I really think he's been improving after his run with the inimitable, ineffable Judd Winick. I haven't been really keeping up with it, because writer Andrew Kreisberg is telling a heck of a decompressed story.




Angela said...

Hey Kevin, I'm clearing through my favorites folder and came across this: http://pwbeat.publishersweekly.com/blog/
I thought you might be interested.

Kevin T. said...

Hi Angela! It's great to see you.

Thanks for the recommendation! I am definitely on that like yellow on mustard, or a colony of ants on a large, gestating pile of displaced mint ice cream, or the various infinitesimal granules of smooth meringue cream on a key lime pie.

. . . I'll just go eat now.

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