Justice Vol. 2: Superman is the best neighbor

Ahhhh Mondays! The start of a new week, but today -- the continuation of one! Today we are following up on Justice volume 1 with

Justice vol. 2
by Jim Krueger, Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: The villains of the DCU all have the same nightmare, in which Earth is destroyed, and the heroes can do nothing about it. They undertake a plan to save the world, and incapacitate all the heroes. That was the first volume. This second volume involves the resurgence of the superheroes, and their return to glory. The third volume, presumably, involves them saving the world.
WHAT I LIKED: This volume is a call-back to the awesomeness of the Golden Age. You have one panel with Hal's ring converting his being into electrical signals to keep him alive. You have Captain Marvel hurling Superman into the Sun to get rid of the nanites that Mr. Mind implanted in him. You have the Flash racing around the world so quickly, that Superman sees him leaving in the East, and coming in the West at the same breath. You have Batman and Wonder Woman marvelling at the key to the Fortress of Solitude.
Hal's ring

This is a glorification of DC's superheroes, and why comic books were made!

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Plot still pretty decompressed. I appreciate that Krueger wants to take the time for each person, but do we really need to undergo four issues to save Aquaman?
Mind you, this is just me complaining/being stingy, because the plot is still a fun ride to read page by page. I just think the series would've been better published altogether, and not in parts like this.

EXTRAS?: There's an intro by Doug Braithwaite, and at the end are some files from "Batman's private casebook." It's a collection of bios (in Batman's voice!), along with Alex Ross's sketches. For some reason, the bios for Superman and Toyman are cut off. I'm lookin' at you, quality control!

FINAL THOUGHTS: What a thoroughly awesome comic book trade. I was under the impression that this was a 12-issue maxiseries, but apparently not. Hopefully the story concludes in next trade, which I don't think the library has. Crap.
The Fortress of Solitude

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