Home again, home again

Tra la, tra la!

Or rather, home again for an evening and then back to University! Oh well, such is the life of the ever-popular comic book blogger.

I tell ya, nothing like an excursion to another city to really get a sense of your own! New York is packed in so tightly, everything is dirty, and you can't walk around without getting a shoulder to the face or a honk in the horn!

All things considered though, New York, New York, it's a helluva town. You got Times Square, you got Central Park, you got a genius train system, plus -- everything is so closely packed, you only need to walk to get around Manhattan!

And that includes getting to comic shops. Thanks to Forbidden Planet, I managed to keep up with my weeklies -- and then some --, so hopefully we'll get to those once I am settled in for new Spring quarter classes at University.

A little note on NY comic book shops: I was lucky enough to go to two. St. Mark's is a small little dive that you might not notice when you pass it, but boy when you go in, they use that space really well! The little comic holders are set up poorly, so that you can't see the full cover and you bend it slightly when you pull it out, but aside from that, this is an OK comic shop. I just wouldn't frequent it on a weekly basis.

Forbidden Planet
, on the other hand, has an enormous space, but it is just so jam-packed with customers that you'd definitely get a shoulder in the face. They have a countless amount of merchandise, action figures, obscure trades. Heck, you should see how much of a comic book they order, they must get a ton of customers! The space, though, is certainly more inviting than St. Mark's.

A little bonus is, you get 10% off your entire purchase (even periodicals/comics!) by showing them you're a college student! hooray for higher education!

I didn't get a chance to get to Midtown Comics, but hey, when I get back to NY, you can bet it's on my list.

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