"She's tore up from the floor up, I heard."

I am going to tell you about an awesome issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

Splash pages in the right places! Exposition in the right places! Signature raunchiness that only Joe Kelly could write! Gruesome action scenes that only Chris Bachalo could draw! Just enough Spidey action, with enough nods to Peter Parker, the man behind the mask!

Amazing Spider-Man #575

by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo

If you couldn't tell, I really liked this issue.

It's about organized crime. It's about youth culture. It's about crime reporting.

And most importantly -- it's about where a little science nerd who dresses up as a spider fits in all this!

I really loved this issue. Peter is sent by Frontline newspaper co. to cover a science expo, and there he meets a kid.
(Note the date-- that's the day of the release of Amazing Fantasy #15!)

The kid, though, gets caught up in gang life (the new "gangsta with no r" wave of gang life -- not the old, "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" gang life). Hammerhead, however, is new and improved, thanks to Mr. Negative's operations on him, so he goes through the Bronx recruiting young members to Mr. Negative's way of gang life.

Inevitably, Spidey gets involved, and the results are devastating. At a slum in the Bronx, Spidey gets his jaw broken, a hip dislocated by Hammerhead -- all in front of a group of children, and no one could draw this as well as Chris Bachalo. I've railed on the guy before, but he really nails down the tone of this story!

The story ends in the next issue, and I really like the introduction of the new character, "Norah Winters," one of Peter's staff partners at Frontline.
Which is to say, this comic book single is awesome.

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