Spider-Man: hero to at least fifteen or so people!

Herein we conclude Joe Kelly's two-issue arc on Amazing Spider-Man about America's youth, and how organized crime is affecting it, and where good ol' webhead fits into all this!

Amazing Spider-Man #576
by Joe Kelly and Chris Bachalo

So, Spidey confronts Hammerhead and tries to defend some children from his attempts to recruit them into Mr. Negative's gang.
a new day: evolve or perish

There are a couple tussles, the first of which Spidey is battered senseless, but he comes out on top in the end.

And more importantly, the issue highlights Peter Parker's faith and optimism in the world. Even when his roommate - a police officer - calls the kids "animals trained for war," Peter goes out of his way to show the kids that there's more to living than working for Mr. Negative. A broken jaw and dislocated hip out of his way, in fact! A hero is more than someone who punches the right person at the right time. A hero gives hope to the world, and that is how Joe Kelly portrays Spidey.

Kelly's signature insane sense of humor comes out in the comic too, and no one could have done the grittiness-yet-goofiness better than Chris Bachalo. This was truly a fantastic arc!My only complaint is that Norah Winters tells Peter to go on a date with her at the end, except we don't hear anything more about Norah in future issues, or at least thus far as I've read. If you're gonna get rid of his marriage, at least do something with his bachelorhood!

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