No comics today?

Nope. None.

I wanted to get Green Lantern's conclusion to "Rage of the Red Lanterns," but it was sold out. I wanted to get GA/BC #whateveritwas, but I just didn't feel like it. I was thinking about getting World of New Krypton #1, but I don't wanna get let down again (See my reactions to New Krypton).

Call it comic book malaise, call it scrooqesque stinginess, call it Aunt May's homemade wheatcakes, call it whatever you like, it doesn't matter!

I have finals next week, and a ten-page paper due, so I am screwed!
Consider this a pseudo-hiatus for a week and a half, so in the meanwhile, chill with Chris Giarrusso's Hawkeye:

I will still chime in, just not on comic-review-wise.

Stats a-go-go