Hi Annihilus! What's shakin' with the blog? Please don't eat me.

So, whenever I do reviews, I rarely post the covers, and sometimes it really makes a review more readable to look at the cover.
I don't post the cover in order to save image space, because I'd be going through images pretty quickly, especially on a comics blog.


Of course, Annihilus! To somewhat remedy things without actually remedying them, I'm going to have deal-ies where you can click the title of the comic and see an image of the cover with the description.


Hm? Uh, Right Annihilus. Marvel has relatively permanent links to their singles, so you can find issues as far back as Spider-Man during Civil War, three years ago. Isn't that just amazing? DC, however, recycles their links, I believe, so three months or so from now, this link may not be a link to the adorable Tiny Titans #14.

Image Comics's site, though, looks like it got drunk and barfed out HTML everywhere, which is why I used my local comic shop's site for Bad Dog #2, in the previous post.


You got it man! Just remember now, Annihilus, even though the title is white and not the regular blue underline font, I hopefully remembered to link to the comic book's cover there! Wave your mouse over the title and watch it turn into a little pointy-hand -- just like magic!

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