Deadpool x Thunderbolts in: Crazy? Crazy like BADGER!

Hopefully by now, my little past Thunderbolts posts have gotten you acquainted with the comic.


Yeah, those. What Thunderbolts is about is, well, a bunch of superheroes who really shouldn't be superhero-ing. They are a bad group of people, and it's pretty fun seeing the discordance between their roles and their actions, because these guys just hate each other.

And it makes for good comics! Recently, Stormin' Norman Osborn recruited a new group of 'bolts to take down and assassinate Deadpool, the merc with a mouth, for Secret Invasion purposes.

Deadpool #8
by Daniel Way and Paco Medina

"Magnum Opus" 1 of 4

Deadpool is insane, Osborn has insane tendencies, how can it not work!

Well, a lot of ways. The page space here is wasted with a pointless hallucination, and the story doesn't go anywhere. There are some good jokes in here, but it's just not worth 3 bucks.
Thankfully, the second part is a LOT better!

Thunderbolts #130
by Andy Diggle and Bong Dazo

"Magnum Opus" 2 0f 4

New artist Bong Dazo has a cartoony, way of drawing anyone in a costume, which works here, because the entire point of the Deadpool-Thunderbolts crossover is to bring a little humor and fun to the grim Thunderbolts.

Here, they actually fight, 'bolts and 'pool and the result is great. There's a great plot twist in the middle, and Deadpool has an ingenious way of taking down each unique member (one is intangible, another is a tank, another is an ant. . .), and it can be pretty funny too!
'Pool and Irredeemable Ant-Man

Soon enough, he gets to the leader, Black Widow, or former Russian spy Yelena Belova. Just as he's about to shoot her in the head, she takes off her mask and says, "Well? what are you waiting for?"
Black Widow and 'Pool

It gets at the heart of the crossover: to bring a little humor to the Thunderbolts!

My favorite member of Andy Diggle's Thunderbolts has got to be Yelena. It's adorable how she butchers English phrases.
Black Widow and the English language
Oh Yelena.

Stats a-go-go