SloOmp!: the mind-boggling debut of 15-finger Freddy!

DC Nation is a weekly insert at the end of most DC comic books. Usually it has a little message from the Editor-in-Chief, Dan Didio, and some kind of hype-up for something.
This week's DC Nation was really, really underwhelming. Here's the breakdown:
  1. Hi guys. I don't have time to tell you anything.
  2. Also, I don't have anything to tell you.
  3. Look at this pretty panel of pencil art.
  4. Isn't it pretty?
  5. bye guys.
Really underwhelmed here, Didio.

I got Elephantmen #18 today, but I don't think anyone would understand me if I talked about it just yet, so I'm going to bide my time. That leaves us with a lonely
by Chad Lambert, art by Pow Rodrix, Oscar Bazaldua and Chase Conley

Bloodrayne was a video game with a latex-wearing half-vampire, half-human called "Rayne." She sliced vampires, and Nazis, and sometimes vampires who were Nazis. She shot them too, with a pair of guns. . . powered by blood. She is awesome.

I never actually got to play the video games, and I heard the movies were awful, but the concept is just too high for me to ignore. I admit this stuff is a guilty pleasure for me, since the gore can get so over-the-top, but it's just so fun to read this. Aside from all the little jokes she makes, there are a couple references to some mythologies, which I love to hear.

This series is supposed to "fill in the blanks" for the video games, so there are a couple references that I had to read wikipedia to get. Aside from tha --HOLY CRAP!

She just kicked a guy in the face so hard that his head popped off!!!!!


The second short story does a little questioning of reality, and the third short story has a little cameo:
15-finger freddy!
15 Finger Freddy guys! It's a stretch, but could this possibly be a reference to the blog's very own Foam-Finger Freddy???

Somebody up there likes me.

Stats a-go-go