Hm. What a weak week.

Wednesday! Truly, there is nothing better to take my mind off of the quizzes and labs that I have on Thursday than Wednesday comics.

Besides some other stuff, here's the stuff I got today:

Green Arrow/Black Canary #19

by Andrew Kreisberg and Mike Norton

So, in issue 15, Green Arrow saved a woman from her wife-beating husband, but then the woman went all "I LURVE you, Green Arrow." and she's been doing some pretty twisted stuff for Green Arrow since then.

Sound familiar? It's pretty twisted, and there's a lot of fun to be had, but the title's been treading water since issue 15, so I'm really glad it's done.

And what a conclusion it is! Cupid ends up tying Green Arrow to the train tracks -- to get a kiss out of him (hah!) until Black Canary comes in and the usual stuff happens. There were a lot of cool moments here, but my favorite has got to be this:
it is now

Where the heck did Canary get those handcuffs?????? Ollie is just as confused too, by the looks of it, although I'd expect more of a smile out of him.

Oracle: The Cure #2

by vanhook, Pasarin and Lopez

For 22 pages, very little actually happens here. Barbara travels to Hong Kong to access some of the "restricted roads" of the internet, and ends up seeing the death of another hacker at the hands of the Calculator.

That's it. I mean, Barbara does some pretty vicious justice on some street thugs (<-- out of character) and gets insulted by some computer nerds, but that's pretty much it.


If it weren't for the fact that there's only one more issue left, I would definitely bail out of this. It just isn't any fun to read, and it's not so much about Barbara Gordon herself.

Also, the DC books apparently had a little preview for Animal Man: The Last Days. It's about, supposedly, the last days of Animal Man, except I'd much rather read Grant Morrison's Animal Man. Luckily though, this doesn't raise the price for the issues.

Not really a spectacular week this go-around. Hrm.

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