I can't stand that Spidey, he's a menace!

Spidey! Get off my lawn!

I was planning on getting one comic today. I instead got another, which came out maybe 3 weeks ago.
by Andrew Kreisberg and Mike Norton

This is probably the only superhero title in which the two superheroes are a married couple, so that's pretty cool. Green Arrow and Black Canary have a long history together, but Kreisberg isn't really doing much about it. Mehhhh.

Way back in issue 15, Green Arrow saved a wife from her wife-beating husband. Then the wife became obsessive over Green Arrow, put on a ridiculous costume, killed a number of Green Arrow's supervillains, and calling her "Cupid." Meanwhile, Green Arrow is dark and unfunny.

The title has really been treading water since issue 15, but at least there's this:

big shoes
Boy, Black Canary's got some big shoes to fill!

Stats a-go-go