Bye bye birdies, Hello Gotham

Ever since our girl Gail Simone left Birds of Prey at issue 108, it never was the same. Sure, Sean McKeever did a serviceable arc from 113-117, but I think it all went downhill with Tony Bedard.

All the way to issue 127. Sigh. The blog had a heck of a time with the title, and my favorite stuff included the Zinda Blake instructionals, and the Bird-watching stuff. But with Bedard, Birds just wasn't fun anymore, and it stopped being about the Birds, so I like to think that's why DC cancelled the series.

Also, Birds of Prey under McKeever's run gave us the spectacular running theme around here of Clark Bars.

clark bars

Oh great. All this stupid reminiscing is, is getting me, um, teary-eyed. Let's just -sniff- get on with today's comic, which came out last week and is meant to follow up on the dismantling of the Birds and the present life of their leader, Barbara Gordon.

Just a lil' reminder: you can now click on the title for an image of its cover. Pretty snazzy.

Oracle: The Cure
by Kevin Vanhook and Julian Lopez and Fernando Pasarin

So the first part of this 3-issue mini is basically lots and lots of set-up. Barbara settles back in Gotham, meets up with her dad Gotham Commish Jim Gordon, gets acquainted with the current crime-war climate in Gotham and meets up with some haxxorz (computer slang for "hackers").

cheese-fiend lulz

There are some really cute touches with Babs setting up her dumpy apartment (and a semi-gratuitous shower scene!), but I'm a little disappointed that the solicits have set up Calculator's motivation sooner than this 1st issue.


That said, a 1st issue is only ever meant for set-up these days, and The Cure manages to pass the bar. Hopefully the following two issues can bring this arc to a high.

Stats a-go-go