Thunderbolts x Deadpool in: A BEHEADING

Who ever thought it'd be so fun to put a team of hateful people together and tell them to try to assassinate an insane, smart-mouthed mercenary with way too many gadgets on his hand?

Not me, that's for sure! That's why the crossover between Thunderbolts and Deadpool is so darn enjoyable. The plot twists are great, the black humor is great and the explosions are explosive. There's even a "romance" in it!

We can thank Daniel Way and Andy Diggle for all these, and we'll be wrapping up the last half of their "Magnum Opus" today!

Deadpool #9
by Daniel Way and Paco Medina
"Magnum Opus," 3 0f 4

This issue was pretty awesome. So many things happen here, but the best part is we get HILARIOUS flirtation between Black Widow and Deadpool. It is so great, 'pool even goes so far as to rent a plane and fly a banner that says "BW (heart) DP? CALL ###-####"

Rest assured, there's a big fight too, and the fight tactics are actually really interesting. This feels like a video game, but funnier and insane-er. Crossing over with Deadpool was a great way to introduce Andy Diggle's new team of Thunderbolts, and he is just the lightheartedness that the grim team needs!

I can't wait for the next, and last, part of the arc.

Thunderbolts #132
by Andy Diggle and Bong Dazo
"Magnum Opus," 4 of 4

This is a truly awful comic book with awful individuals.

And I mean that in the best sense of the word. Deadpool shoots himself, with terribly gory and hilarious results; Ant-Man crawls under 'Pool's cancerous skin; Norman Osborn even has an episode!
"You owe me your lives! Every worthless last one of you!" Oh Norman, you're so quotable.

The black humor is great, and it makes all the awful gore easier to swallow. The ending is like something from a sitcom, if sitcoms involved decapitation, and blood, and shooting yourself, and going berserk on a random guy and slamming his face onto a tabletop.
Oh Thunderbolts. You're such a great comic, even if you're desensitizing me to awful, awful things.
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