Reading Superman: For All Seasons

Since Jeph Loeb is teaming up with Tim Sale again in a Captain America special, I figured it'd be pertinent to uncover some of their original works together -- on one of America's first superhero!

Which is to say, I found this in the library and borrowed it on a whim.
by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: This is a collection of the 4 graphic novels, one for each season. In Spring, we see the blooming (sorry) of Clark Kent's powers. This is my favorite. The other seasons seem to be a collective piece on the Luthor-Superman dynamic.

WHAT I LIKED: The first part, Spring, was my favorite because we get to see Clark's new powers emerging. It's a little portrait of a wholesome middle town kid learning all these fantastic powers in such a dull setting -- the hair of steel for example!


Tim Sale is really great on the art here too. His splashes are wonderful, and he really captures the retro feel that works so great here. Also, Lex Luthor's tower is awesome.


I would totally intern there.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: I guess this stuff isn't really groundbreaking. It's solid Superman stuff, but nothing about it is really striking. A lot of the dynamics, the Clark-Lois, Superman-Luthor relationships seems hashed and repetitive.
stupidest idea

This might be because it came out ten years ago.

EXTRAS?: None, surprisingly, but that may be because, again this came out ten years ago.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I may have used the word "repetitive" here, but that may very well mean "classic" too, and who better to do it than the stand-out team of Loeb and Sale?

Regardless, I wouldn't plunk 15 bucks for this. If I had to recommend a "classic" Superman story to anyone, it'd have to be All-Star Superman.

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