Four whole dollars?!?

Too tired to come up with an intro deal-y.

Ultimatum #1 came out this week. I thumbed through it, and David Finch cannot draw ultimate Spidey. At all. Spidey looks way too old for his age.

For some reason, Marvel also released "X-Men: Pixies and Demons Director's Cut," for four bucks, which is really strange, 'cause that's basically the Free Comic Book Day story with an interview at the end. It's like free, but four dollars more.

The first issue of Sandman: Dream Hunters also came out today, but I didn't have enough money for it.

The next part of "New Krypton" came out as well, an Adventure Comics Special, whatever that is. It only seems like an intro. to the Guardian of Metropolis, and, y'know, nothing at all to do with New Krypton. I think I'm just gonna give up on getting the story in singles and wait for the trade, if it's any good.

I feel swamped now, and tired, so please don't hate me for being short today and image-less. If I feel bad enough, I might call a hiatus, but that's for tomorrow to deal with.

House of Mystery #7

by Matt Sturges and Luca Rossi (back-up by Bill Willingham and David Petersen)

This is part 2 of "Love Stories for Dead People," and it's kinda all over the place. There's no real focus, and I can't exactly grasp the point of the party that the people have at the House, or why Fig and Harry even kiss! It doesn't seem like their attraction was all that strong anyways.

And in the midst of all this, they decide to add more confusion: a little half-ram, half-elk thingy that keeps saying, "Mir. Run. Duh." and it's bleeding!

On the other hand, the back-up story by Willingham is nice, but it just seems so simple: a garden is the warzone between the animals, representing the natural order of things as guided by invisible hand.

I really feel like I should just wait for the trade. There is no focus at all to this issue.

Secret Six #3

by Gail Simone and Nicola Scott

We finally learn what the card that the Six is after: it's a Get-out-of-hell-free card forged by Neron, the Devil himself! Isn't that amazing?

The rest of the issue is either flashbacks (to flesh out Catman or the Tarantula) or fighting (for the card). On the whole it's entertaining, but I still feel like I'd be better off waiting for the trade.

Some days, I think I should kick the weekly habit and just read trades. Maybe it's because I feel like crap right now, but this is one of those days.

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