Nextwave: did your mama

I know it's Wednesday, which is supposed to mean new comics, but not this week.

The reasons for that are several-fold, so in a total cop-out here is a list of reasons:
  • I'm poor.
  • I'm getting the sense that the individual issues of "New Krypton" are being written for the trade, and not for the issue, so I don't wanna feel like a schmuck again to get this week's issue of Supergirll or last week's of Action Comics. I'm tired of feeling like a schmuck. I want the issues I buy to actually mean something.
  • Comic book companies, I'm not made out of money. If I were -and you know I would, I'd shill it out of my wazoo like nobody's business after getting some plane tickets.
  • I have way too many papers to kill myself over.
  • Again, I'm not made of money.
In lieu of real material, here's an excerpt from Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen's Nextwave.

Death Bears!

Aaron Stack

Nextwave: is love.

Stats a-go-go