I promise this is the last B:B&B post

I was just looking at my TV guide, and I realized that Cartoon Network also re-airs the Batman: The Brave and the Bold at 9:30AM (central) on Saturdays!

So if you missed it on Friday at 7:00PM (again, central), you can catch it at 9:30AM the next day.

I've been talking this darn cartoon up so much, I feel like I'm guilting you guys. Please don't take it that way, and I'm sorry if I came off like that. You guys have busy schedules, and why the heck should you give up a half-hour for the sake of a trivial children's cartoon after all?

That said, let's talk about the trivial premiere episode.
In bullets!
  • Hm, Green Arrow's voice is pretty high in the intro scene, compared to Batman's. Makes him seem young.
  • Hey, that's Jaime! It makes so much sense that he's a superhero geek. He's the perfect character for the kids to identify with. I wonder if his comic's gonna get some more notoriety after the cartoon (even though it's about to get axed, I believe)?
  • I love how the episode presents all the scenes of the trailer in the first ten minutes. It gives me a feeling of earnesty.
Batman scowl
  • Okay, so Batman's mentoring Blue Beetle, except Blue Beetle's tech gets them into a wormhole into another world. Now Beetle has to save the "Gibbles" from a terrible tyrant, "Konjar Ro."
  • Heh. Batman as the sidekick.
  • Several fight scenes, and now we're at the end! The Gibbles learn not to constantly turn to the strength of someone else (Blue Beetle) for help, but to seek the strength in themselves. "The power within" is a phrase they like to repeat.
  • Beetle subsequently gains more confidence in his abilities as a superhero as does Batman.
  • I just wanna take this time to say how cartoons are so awesome. They create a modern mythology for children, and I love how there's a life lesson in every single episode. I was raised by cartoons, and it's just heartwarming to see that they're still doing the same great stuff for a different generation. Cartoons rock.
When is Frank Miller gonna get to write an episode? That'd be so rad.
Well, rad for me, but not the kids.
Frank Miller and Paul Dini too. Dini should get an episode. And Denny O'Neill should write one with Green Arrow getting indignant somehow at an obscure political thing. That'd be so rad.

I could also do the same bullet review deal-y for The Spectacular Spider-Man, but that'd be tough. I kinda started tearing up after Peter, with the guidance of Uncle Ben's spirit, defeated the Venom symbiote in the fight for Peter's psyche.

That episode was so awesome.

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Sea_of_Green said...

I DID see this, Friday night, and it was WONDERFUL. Jamie was so Jamie, and the treatment of Bats (even though I hate that retro design) was great. I hope they do an episode with Deadman, but I ain't holdin' my breath. :-\

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