With all the recent hubbub, you might be wondering just exactly where Howard is on the campaign trail. It's been a while since he stopped by the blog hasn't it?

Well wonder no more! He just came from an out-of-this-world rally to make one last push for all you undecided's out there! Now, in the eleventh hour, here are some reasons why you should vote Howard for prez!

He's a real maverick!
Howard maverick

He's brave and he's bold!
Howard an Le Beaver

He doesn't pal around with soft cookies!
Howard soft cookie

God Himself and His various agents endorse Howard!
Howard god

He's the friend of every Joe Sixpack click for a doggone bigger picture)!
Howard joe six-pack pal

He's committed to the future of America!
Howard and commitment

So whatcha waiting for? Get down America!

Vote Howard for prez in '08!

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