stitches, scars and whirlybats: Detective Comics #850

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Detective Comics #850
by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen

The first page is a bee-yootiful commemorative watercolor of Batman lunging at us, by Nguyen. It's gorgeous in the previews, and it's even better in hand.

The issue on the whole is the climax of Batman confronting Hush, but there's a wonderful prologue of Alfred being awesome that you can read in the previews. It is so wonderful. We need more top-notch guys like Alfred.

Alfred Is Awesome
Just wonderful.

We get to see Batman being a savior too, one of his many roles we don't see too often, and we also get to learn what made Tommy Elliot (Hush) kill his mother.

Hush Westmobile
(Notice the Adam West Batmobile! Yes!)

The beautiful part of this issue is that the art tells its own story too. There are numerous instances that, if you pay attention, play some great surprise twists in the comic. The panel where Hush takes Batman's utility belt. The panel of Hush going through Batman's gallery of costumes. The panel of Batman taking off his cape as a precaution.

This is such a beautiful comic book. There is so much depth to it.

Another major aspect is Batman's "heart," 'cause the title of the arc is "Heart of Hush" after all! Hush tries to cripple Batman's heart, which is embodied in - who else?- Catwoman! and Bruce's confession to a post-surgery Selina illustrates their relationship so perfectly.
Note that Bruce uses the phrase "broke in" to describe the way she loves him. That is so sweet and so right for Selina's hobby.

Anyways, Selina gets to pioneer the conclusion of the issue, and the retribution she takes on Hush is deliciously appropriate, both in what Hush deserved and in how Selina views justice.


After the money she takes for herself and gives to her associates, she donates a total of 60 million dollars to abused women's shelters and charities! Oh, Selina, you're so awesome.

Everything is just so beautiful in this issue. So right. I loved it, and totally recommend it to you. It should read even better in trade.

I might not have sounded coherent here. Someday, I'd like to do a review that does the entire arc justice, so maybe someday. . .

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Sea_of_Green said...

Gadzooks! I may have to check this one out!

Most especially, it's always nice to give Alfred a chance to kick ass once in a while. :-)

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