well, I can't say I didn't expect this

You probably have your own comics sites that you frequent now and then, when you're bored or what have you. Personally, I prefer "newsarama.com," 'cause it's so much easier to type out than "comicbookresources.com," even though I don't appreciate how it's branched out into other domains of media.

Or sometimes, I am just so authoritative and definite on every single opinion comics-related that you only need to visit here for your comics updates!

For mere argument's sake, let's assume the impossible--

Ultimate Spider-Man

--as I was saying Liz, let's assume the impossible and discard the latter notion for today's post, okay? Because according to Newsarama, it looks like three DC titles are getting the axe come the end of February: Robin, Nightwing and Birds of Prey.


I know J'onn. I denied them at first too, spewing laser beams from my eyes in a visceral rage, but let's get to the real problem here. The real kicker about the article is that we aren't told why the three are getting cancelled. It might be due to the super-huge event in the Batman titles, "Batman RIP," or it could very well be the result of low sales.

Heck, it's a miracle that Birds even got past issue 100.

birds of prey

But I'm gonna admit it: I can't exactly speak for the other titles, but Birds just hasn't been the same since Gail left. It's been more about the villains than the birds themselves, and we haven't gotten to see 'em really shine.
We don't know if DC's planning reboots or replacement titles of any kind, but maybe a re-tuning is necessary?

Spidey Question Mark

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