Reading We3

I can't say it's a coincidence that we're reviewing another tpb about animal bioengineering (see Elephantmen vol. 1). I will however, call it fate that it's such a wonderful story. The trade we're lookin' at today is Vertigo's

by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

I borrowed this from the library, but lemme tell you this: I really want my own copy now.
We3 is about a team of 3 bioengineered animals designed for human proxy warfare: basically, they do all the assassinating that we don't want to do.

The real kicker is that after their missions, they get decomissioned -- put to sleep, but these 3 make an exception. They break free, and the dog -"1"- tries to find home and to be a gud boy. The cat- "2"- hates everything. . .
. . . and the rabbit -"3"- wants to eat.

Their personalities -- and they have more of 'em than do a lot of people you might meet out there -- shine wonderfully in their adventure to survive, protect each other and find home. The ending is so insightful on the pride of our species and the power of a little compassion. It is so touching.

If you like animals at all, or maybe excellent writing, or maybe beautiful double-page spreads, then you owe it to yourself to read this trade paperback. I'm serious.


Sea-of-Green said...

Ohhhh, this DOES look good. But, darnit, it would make me CRY, wouldn't it? Doggy stories always make me cry!

Kevin said...

Hey sea, no pain, no gain!

The ending is, on the whole, positive, and the dog comes to an amazing realization in the last pages. It's hard to catch, because of the way they talk, but it's definitely there, and it definitely made me tear up a bit.

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