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I like to talk about trades on Monday because I usually read them over the weekend, and I'm really enjoying some of the stuff I borrowed from the library, but, since I haven't had much time to hit the scanner, we have instead, links. Are ya ready, bub?

  1. Marvel offers print coupon with app purchase. This is a pretty exciting offer for me, as digital slowly integrates with analog (print) comic books. I have a Marvel account from a while ago, but I don't have the Marvel app, because I don't have a Droid phone, and the app isn't available on the Kindle Fire. If you partook in this offer, which was . . . last Saturday, let me know in the comments.
  2.  Previews are up for Gary Frank's Batman: Earth One. I haven't seen a lot of Gary Frank since his work on Action Comics with Geoff Johns, so I'm pretty hyped. His style is largely unchanged, and largely nice to look at.
  3. Now that the sales figures seem to give it to Marvel for last December, Newsarama scores a talk with a DC exec about it. They as much admit that their lead from the New 52 would fade, and rationalize it pretty well: of course they wouldn't take the top market share when the other guys are publishing volumes more and charging a dollar more ($3.99) for the units! Keep on truckin', DC sales.
  4. And finally, David Uzumeri has a nice write-up on Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato's The Flash. As they're challenging Barry Allen with new powers, they're challenging the comic book medium as well as the comic book reader to a higher level. Uzumeri finds a clever connection between the first and fourth issues that I didn't see: in a science expo, Barry has it explained to him that more highways lead to more congestion. Similarly, in the 3rd issue, Barry's accelerated cognition clogs up his mind so much that he thinks he's won when, he hasn't, and gets shot at for his efforts. I'm loving their The Flash, and you might too.

Four links? Sorry, I thought I'd have more, but that's it for us today. Bring us home, Wolverine.

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