Marvel Team-Up proudly presents: Spider-Man's newest, greatest ally!

Greetings True Believers!

Welcome to another pulse-pounding edition of Marvel Team-Up! Ya know, even the mighty Marvel bullpen is prone to one of New York City's devastating snow storms! In these chilling times, it's a great benefit to have a buddy to warm up to! And with that novel-length introduction, we zoom in on none other than our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man braving the winter all alone --

Sorry Spidey, but them's the breaks! Our webbed hero braves the New York snow, until he gets some help from the sensational, the spectacular, the insurmountable --

-- Vern the amazing hobo! And so begins the greatest team-up in Marvel history! After lining his costume with copies of New York's finest newspaper, the Daily Bugle, the dynamic duo set out together and are assaulted by who else than --

Kuhul Ajaw, Mayan god-king and demander of blood sacrifice! Didja see that coming?

So as soon as they meet, the terrific two, the petrifying pair, the gruesome twosome, are split up, and ol' webhead is punished for it!

A lot. But wait! Fear not, true believers! It's the amazing Vern to the rescue, with the flair that only he could achieve!

Together, the two set Kuhul Ajaw on fire, web him into restraints and prevent him from entering a human host! World, consider yourself saved!

Marvel Team-Up Epilogue:

from The Amazing Spider-Man #555-557, by Zeb Wells, Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend. 'Nuff said!

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