Barry Allen died (in Crisis on Infinite Earths)!

Then he came back (in Rebirth)!

Then he realized he could change the events of the past!

Read what happens next!

collects the six-issue miniseries
by Geoff Johns and Adam Kubert

Barry Allen wakes up to find a completely different world, without a Justice League! There is no Superman, and Aquaman and Wonder Woman wage a war with the fate of the very planet at stake!

Barry is in the middle of all of this, finding that he doesn't have any of his speed-force powers and, most importantly -- his mom is alive. If you'll remember, Nora Allen, Barry's mom, was murdered by Professor Zoom, sending Barry's dad to a life of jail and spurring Barry to become a forensic scientist.

It's a hoot to explore this similar, but completely different world. There is no space wasted finding out about this world, with each issue providing a new facet and the next step in Barry's discovery.

At the time, this was billed as a DC-wide comic event -- that this isn't a different Earth, or an alternate universe, but it's the actual Earth with the same heroes that
we've already been reading about. We learn that Barry changed the timeline of the universe, when he went back in time to save his mom from being murdered. There's some goofy time-travel shenanigans.

At the heart of this story is familial relationships. For the love of his mom, Barry did the unthinkable and changed the events of the past. And for the love of his son, the Flashpoint Batman helped to restore our timeline, so that his son could live in his place. There's a powerful two-page sequence where Barry returns the timeline to normal, but with a note from his dad for Bruce Wayne. It's a touching moment, that almost justifies what Barry had to go through in these five issues.

A very powerful miniseries that ushered in 3+ years of DC Comics, which, apparently, was  retconned in Rebirth. One of DC's better event-comics.

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