The Thunderbolts: saving the world one masochistic headbutt a time!

I'm sure it occurs to a lot of people that comic books serve a lot of roles. Tt helps some people get by their day with a little fun. To others, it's a little thing to check out after watching a pretty good movie. For even more, it's a reason to make ridiculous blogs.

The most important, though, has got to be the educational value of comic books for children. I mean, come on guys! They're just words! With pictures! There is no doubt that comic books are this valuable, and if I may extrapolate, it also means that kids are gonna find their role models in these goshdarn sequential picture stories.

And truly, no comic book provides better role models than. . .

The Thunderbolts! Government-sanctioned heroes come to save our world!
Here're only some of the ways they keep America safe:

They're mentally stable!

They're courageous!

They respect one another!

They get tasteful action figures!

They crucify their teammates!

They're eloquent!

And finally, what really matters, what keeps us safe at night --

they're committed to justice!

We can all sleep a little quieter now, knowing that the Thunderbolts are here to protect us!

Don't worry guys; America's kids are in great hands.

1 comment:

Sky_of_Blue said...


I think I'll head over to the DC Universe. It looks a tad safer at the moment. ;-)

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