Costume changes in Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

or: those 5 times in recent history that Batman pulled a Lady Gaga. For all the ballyhoo I made about Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, I'm just not done talking about it yet. I've already said that it trails off into incomprehensibility, but the pictures are still pretty. Today I've rounded up an obscene amount of scans of Bruce Wayne, shirtless or otherwise, for you to look at.

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In the first issue of The Return, Bruce takes up the giant wings of these bats. Bats were HUGE during prehistory.
More shirtless Batman. . . ladies.

So in the second issue, Bruce Wayne is taken prisoner by Blackbeard. The famed pirate forces Bruce to guide his crew into the cave of the Miagani, the "Bat people."

That was a big mistake. The Miagani take down Blackbeard's people, and Bruce comes into this strange, glowing cape and cowl. It's very nice the way they colored it -- you can see the cape glowing!

So the third issue puts Bruce Wayne in a puritan village. There weren't any full body shots, so I can't really show you his whole costume.


Here's kind of a full-body shot. That octopus thing is some kind of time monster that follows Bruce every time he time-hops. Whatever.

 In the fourth issue Batman takes on a cowboy hat! He's a cowboy, pardner.
 Here's Batman kicking a dude.
Here's a Zorro-esque shot Batman. The line implies a sword, but if you look a bit closer he's actually throwing a Bat-a-rang.
Here's the fifth issue, where Bruce dresses up like a gangster.
Last one now. He's breaking into some cemetery or something. Great art from Ryan Sook.

So that's all. In the final issue, Bruce dresses up like those archivists from the Point of Tomorrow, or whatever. Hopefully now we can put The Return behind us, and never, ever speak of it ever again.

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