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Today I'm looking back at the many banners of chezkevin. It's fairly image heavy, so don't forget that this blog is "lightbox-view-enabled:" when you right-click on a pic, it'll enlarge itself for you and dim the background. When you're done, it'll return you to the same place you were reading.

This was the farthest banner back that I could find. I honestly believe that there was another one before this, but I couldn't find it. This one's from Tom Beland and Juan Doe's Spider-Man and the Human Torch: Bahia de Los Muertes! which came out in March 2009. Juan Doe is working on a Marvel monsters miniseries, and Tom Beland is currently being bad-ass somewhere else in the world.

This one's a bit more recent, it's from Mark Waid and Mike McKone's work on Amazing Spider-Man, post-Brand New Day, pre-Dan-Slott-Big-Time, and during the "Brain Trust" era of Brand New day, in which several writers took on Spider-Man. It's fairly disposable, but I enjoyed this panel.

Mark Waid is currently tearing it up on Daredevil and Mike McKone's whereabouts are unknown (by me).

This one's from an even older Spidey comic, when the character had three different titles devoted to him: Spectacular Spider-Man, Peter Parker: Spider-Man and Amazing. I'm afraid I can't recall the writer/artist team, but it's from a trade paperback of Spectacular Spider-Man.

Silly string!

This panel's from a car chase in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3. Bendis wrote it, and LaFuente pencilled it, with a cover by Mark Brooks. It's a lot of fun to read, because even after 100 issues, they manage to retain that youthful optimism that comes with being a teenager.

 Here's when I started using digital images, after I signed up for a comiXology account (my username's chezkevin!). The panel in question is a crop of an almost-a-whole-page-size-panel of Spider-Man swinging across the new DB, in the winter. It's from Amazing Spider-Man #'s 555-557, by Zeb Wells and Chris Bachalo. You can find a more complete, er, write-up here:

This one's as recent as two months ago! It's from Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #6,which saw the debut of Chris Samnee with Brian Bendis. This reboot is the dawn of a new Spider-Man called Miles Morales.

Haha! This one's from Ultimate Spider-Man #54, by the now-classic team of Bendis and Bagley.

That takes us to the most recent, and today's banner. It's from Amazing Spider-Man #577, in which he takes on the Punisher, Moses Magnum and drug trading. Peter Parker is struggling to find a job, and in the beginning of the issue he was taking the test for a hacking license! This panel takes place during the end of the issue, and brings some healthy symmetry. There's a full-er write-up here.

All of these banners are from some issue of Spider-Man or an offshoot. I like to think I've come a long way, and so has Spidey! In the future I'll have some non-Spidey banners.

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