chezkevin classics: Spidey and the Tentacle Monster

In celebration of chezkevin's 500th blogiversary, I'm re-presenting many posts because I'm a lazy butt that deserved more attention. Today is a post from December 15, 2009 and it's a good'un.

 Another Mighty Marvel Masterpiece from Stan and Steve!

Spidey meets an all-new, all-horrible foe!

Spidey tentacles

Greater than the Lizard's scales! More terrible than Doc Ock's shades!

Spidey tentacles

Not even we know how to get outta this one, webheads!

Spidey tentacles

Wouldja believe -- tentacle rape? Quick! Use your spidey-sense!

Spidey tentacles

Hurl your body into the blazing fire!

Spidey tentacles

From Amazing Spider-Man #37, by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

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