March photo a day: Where you relax

Thanks for joining me on my very last entry for March Photo a Day! I hope you enjoyed the posts, and I hope you'll cherish them, because that's the most regularly I will ever have posted here on chezkevin. The final photo today will be "where you relax."

I've taken a photo, instead of a comic scan, of my dorm room wall, which I think depicts a lot of the things that make me relax. Together, they create a place. . . of. . . relaxation. . .? Here's a bulletpoint run-down of each item, from top-left to bottom-right:
  • That big poster up there is DC's "Drawing the line at $2.99" ad from a 2010 edition of Comic Shop News. None of the heroes have their nu52 costumes, and Wonder Woman has that weird costume from when Straczynski was writing her.
  • 42nd St Playbill cover: I attended my University's premiere musical show in the winter, and I enjoyed it enough to post on my wall. TO the right of that is a Chicago Bulls poster, of Carlos Boozer taking on Lebron James to the hoop. This was during their 2010 playoffs hubbub, and was courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.
  • There are four comic book covers to the right of that: A beautiful variant cover of Wolverine: Origins from Mark Texeira, a Web of Spider-Mancover by Gabrielle Dell'Otto, a Secret Avengers cover from John Cassady and a Captain America cover by Steve McNiven.
  • Last row now: These two beside each other are ads for the Nintendo franchise, Metroid and the Capcom franchise, Resident Evil. I'm fond of both video games.
  • To the right of these are two problems I solved for my classes, and three comic book covers. The middle paper solves a problem on stochastic processes, and the paper in the lower-right corner is the derivation for the electric field due to a loop of charge. There's an Usagi Yojimbo cover from last year, a Batman #1 and a Wonder Woman #1 that's actually signed by Brian Azzarello himself. He came to Comix Revolution on the day it released, so I got a copy for myself, for him to sign.
 That does it for my little wall. It makes me happy to look at, and it makes me happy to type about, because each picture reminds me of a specific time in my life. I'm going to fill in some space with the new American Vampire storyline that just concluded, so I'm going to be eviscerating even more of my comic book issues.

Any comments? Anything to share of your own? Drop a line here.

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