Cover to Cover EXTRA: Hack/Slash not so sharp?

Remember how when there was that Spider-Man glut that led to all kinds of Spidey spin-offs?

Like Web of Spider-Man" or "Untold Tales of Spider-Man" or "Miss Muffet's Burly Adventures featuring the Amazing Spider-Man?"

Well, consider this post like one of those, because there's a comic I got last week that I still wanna cover with you guys, but didn't feel like going over.

But no, unfortunately it doesn't contain Miss Muffet's Burly Adventures. It's instead about the thirteenth issue of Hack/Slash, finishing up the crossover with the "Bump" franchise.

Honestly, the jokes were flat, and the main character's attitude felt plastic.

I don't know. I hate ragging on a book I've been with since its first issue, but it just doesn't feel right giving up $3.50 for an issue anymore. The book doesn't feel. . . like it used to feel. I don't know. Maybe I'm just crazy.

Nova 5

Yeah, I get the feeling too, Ko-Rel of the Nova Corps!

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