Achtung!: Fables volume 5

We're gonna take a break from the week's comics with -you guessed it- some more love for Fables.

One of the more interesting aspects is that the Fables have a mortality determined by their popularity. Snow White, for example, since she's so popular among our culture, managed to survive a sniper's bullet to the skull!

Jack of the tales also became a Hollywood producer at one point, and produced a Jack trilogy, which made him incredibly famous, so that he wouldn't die.

This enhanced mortality also means that the Fables have been living for a pretty damn long time, and for us readers, it means that there's a wealth of stories to see about our favorite characters.

Like, for example, Bigby Wolf fighting Nazi Frankenstein:

Mein Gott!

Don't worry; Bigby totally wins.


Raaaarrrgghh! Scans courtesy of Fables vol. 5: The Mean Seasons. These scans are from only a peripheral storyarc, and the trade is really about the election for a new mayor and a major life change for Snow White.

Hint: they're fuzzy; they're cute, and they fly!

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