Join the Universal Church of Truth today!

Hey guys, it's Kevin here!

I just wanted to chime in on the blog and tell you about this super-cool new cult religion I found the other day!

It's called the Universal Church of Truth, and the only thing you have to do is swear your eternal fealty to the Matriarch today! Don't delay, and you'll get all these hosts of powers today!

For example, faithful believers can, with just two simple words, enchant shackles with which to maim and suffocate any heathens!

Guardians of the Galaxy #3

YES, Drax the Destroyer!

Through the magical power of faith, you can also create shields to block the bullets of said heathens who are sure to shoot you most unrighteously!

Guardians of the Galaxy #3

No sir,
nothing will hurt you so long as you have faith!

Guardians of the Galaxy #3

Well, except for maybe a dreadful biomass constructed from the subatomic fissures within fifty-two hundred separate life forms.

Ouch. Scans taken from Guardians of the Galaxy #3, by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Paul Pelletier.

Become a believer today!

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