Cover to Cover: Won't anyone think of the animals?

The next batch of this week was real easy to remember. It's the legacy comics, Action Comics and Detective Comics.

Before I talk about those, though, I wanna mention some preliminary stuff.

-DC's still running that "The Real Power of the DC Universe" in the house ads! They cut off Vixen, Batwoman, and Harley and Ivy though.
-Green Arrow/Black Canary came out again this week. It's the tenth issue, which means there's only four more issues until I can get back to the title! Yay!

Action Comics #867
by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

I don't normally read Action, but I picked up last issue, and it was just wonderful. Great character beats, intriguing villain and just good storytelling.

I can't really say the same for this issue though. Sure, there's a nice moment where Superman comforts Supergirl over the horrors of Kandor, as well as a strong father-son beat between Pa Kent and Clark, and even some good moments at the Daily Planet office, but I simply cannot forgive one thing. The last eight pages are nothing but decompressed fighting! Was this really necessary???

It's issues like these that make me feel like an idiot for getting singles, but we can't forget just how gorgeous the art is. Gary Frank wowed me during Squadron Supreme, and he's still wowing me now. The only complaint I have is that Supergirl's lips are so. . . so thick. It's kind of eerie.

Detective Comics #846

by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen

To answer all three of your questions. . . YES
YES: this is the beginning of a new arc featuring the return of Hush.
YES: this is branded as a "Batman R.I.P." tie-in, but only in name.
YES: it's still awesome.

I know some people out there are disappointed that this is nothing to do with Batman R.I.P., but this issue is really well-done. It's paced well; a new villain is introduced (to the best of my knowledge) whose gimmick is based on Aesop's fables; Bruce takes on a new persona next to "Matches Malone," and we get a reminder of who Hush is.

Batman and Catwoman even team up, and they flirt along the way!

cat bat

I loved how Batman used the excuse of saving the animals that Dr. Aesop illegally smuggles to spend more time with Catwoman.

Because who wouldn't want to spend more time around her!

The art also continues to be pure joy. Even the children look gorgeous.

It's too bad about Dr. Aesop though.


If the next four parts are paced this well, I'm gonna really enjoy this "Heart of Hush." I also hope Catwoman starts appearing here more, since her own series will be gone, and Nguyen draws a fantastic Catwoman.

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