Cover to Cover: awwwww crap (again)

As it turns out, comics were actually delayed this week for a USPS (US Postal Service) holiday.

Of all things, I forgot about it and last post, made a huge fuss about it, which now amounts to nothing.

But there's no use crying over spilled milk, so let's just get to the real reason we're all here!

The week for me was really easy to remember and group together, so today we look at the sci-fi stuff I got, which was Nova #15 and Guardians of the Galaxy #3. They were both bittersweet, because, well, a character in each book gets traumatized, which kind of hurt. . .

Nova #15

by Abnett, Lanning and Alves

This is the conclusion to the Galactus arc, and this is where everything comes together. The monster in the first issue makes a reappearance here, and the explanation for that is a delicious twist.

Nova 14

The monster is a psionic parasite, and Nova thought he'd killed it on the planet that Galactus was feeding on, only to find out that the parasite housed its physical form in Galactus' starship! It feeds on the feelings doom and terror that Galactus creates, and it's there that some cosmic awesomeness ensues.

Believe it or not, there's another sad part in the issue.

In order to escape the dying planet, Nova has to go through one of Galactus' energy siphons. . .
. . . and he loses Worldmind on the way.

I'm actually kind of worried about Worldmind now. That's how good the story is. The plot here is real strong as well, and some of the twists are just genius. This issue is just so well written.

Nova 14

Let's all hope the best for Worldmind!

Also: there's some fill-in art for about four pages, and that was just splendid, because you can barely tell there's a difference! That's how good fill-in art should be.

Guardians of the Galaxy #3

By Abnett, Lanning and Pelletier

There are basically two parts to this issue: a pointless fight between some guy named Vance Astro and some other guy named Starhawk. I don't who both of them are, but apparently, they were in the old Guardians of the Galaxy. Their part is pretty much pointless to me.

Then there's the second part where the current Guardians have to stop a fissure in space-time, when the planet they're on (a dyson sphere) goes critical, and Gamora has to restore the sun-shield at the risk of her life. Gamora's the one who volunteers, because she's the one with the healing factor.

Guardians of the Galaxy #3

There's a real emotional tug when she's back at Knowhere (the home base), and tells the log cameras to get off her, because she's so burnt by the sun within the dyson sphere.

For me, this average was pretty issue -- oops, I mean this issue was pretty average excepting that tug.

I wonder when the Guardians will get some down time, because so far, they've gotten into a big fight in every issue.

Also, Cosmo needs more panel time.

from Nova #9

So, overall, a pretty bad week for Worldmind and Gamora, but by far from one for Marvel's sci-fi books!

Next post: It's Action Detective time!

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