Stupid Varlet!: The pulse-pounding debut of Misfit

You know the drill: new comics on Wednesday, so I of course planned on getting my new comics today.

I was hoping to get 'em after running an errand at my cousins', but then I got caught spending some quality time with them.

Oh, the horror.

Before I knew it, it was six PM, and my comic shop was closed! Dammit!

I am so sorry guys. I feel like crap, so, wallowing in my self-pity that I actually missed a new comics day, I took a bus to the nearest cliff, and contemplated how long I'd have to spend in an oven to -- oh wait!

What's this! It's --


Misfit's first appearance (kind of) as Batgirl!

hey varlet!

Misfit originally thought she could be Batgirl. . .

stupid varlet!

But that brought up bad connotations for Barbara. . .


So now, she's your dark avenging Misfit! ssssssss!

Sorry again about the lateness, guys, and feel free to thank Misfit for saving the day! I know I will.
I'll get new comics tomorrow, so that's when they'll get on the blog.

Also, the bottom three scans are from Birds of Prey #98, and the top one is from issue #102.

Stats a-go-go