"thoughts" on SDCC (for real this time)

Best quote from SDCC:
"The only time I've ever seen Brian Michael Bendis speechless is at Wizard World Chicago when a 7-year old in a perfect Hawkeye costume walked up to Bendis and said, 'Why do you hate me'"
-Peter David

Second best quote from SDCC:
"Thank you for being so hot."
-an awkward fan to Marjorie Liu, novelist and upcoming writer of "NYX: No Way Home"

Sorry about the craziness of last post, but then again. . .


So without further ado, let's just try to do what I tried to do last post!
  • Willya lookit that. Looks like the super-books are gonna get a big storyline in New Krypton, with -- holy moley! 100,000 kryptonians populating Earth??? Crossovers are too rich for my blood, but that sounds very enticing. I'm already reading 2/3 of the super-books after all (Supergirl and Action Comics).
  • Hey, that's pretty. . . interesting. JMS plans on using vintage Archie superheroes for his Brave and the Boldrun. I guess that gives me something to expect, because the title is one I generally read on and off, and with Stracynski on it, that's definitely an "on."
  • How disappointing. It looks like Loeb gets a lot of the spotlight in the "Ultimate Marvel panel," and I think we all know what's happened to his writing ever si--

Professor Xavier fighting a dinosaur -- with bone claws! Hardcore, man.
  • The cover for Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2 is really sweet too. Although Mark Brooks annoys me (the cheekbones! Everyone has the same cheekbones!), it makes me happy to see Peter and MJ together. In any continuity.
USM annual #2

  • Kevin Smith, no. I mean, I appreciate that you're bringing back the enigmatic Onomatopoeia to the DCU, but could you pleasedo it in the Green Arrow book? Judd Winick doesn't write a Green Arrow/Black Canary/Mia Dearden nearly as well as you did.
  • So here's the interview with the up-and-coming writer for Green Arrow/Black Canary, who also is the writer for Helen Killer. You might recognize the title as taking a deafblind historical figure and turning her into a super-ninja bodyguard. Cross your fingers with me, guys; let's hope he treats the Green and Black well!
That's what SDCC had for me! Anything from the con that has you excited?

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