Have you seen. . .

. . . DC's new company website?

The only thing new about it is the format though; it doesn't appear that they've added anything at all. The minisites are relatively new, but that's probably a month or two ago.

One general thing about the website: there's a lot more in the site than there appears. They should really work on making everything available or visible on the homepage.

For example, by looking at the homepage, you could never tell that they have a super-database of origin stories for everyone!

. . . The Dark Knight?

I haven't seen it yet, and I don't think I plan to. I mean, I know it's awesome, but the theatre's just all the way over there, and I'm too lazy to get anyone to go with me.

. . . the cover for Nova #18?

nova 18

It's so bad. What happened to Alex Maleev? Did he get a stomach flu or something?

The question still stands! If you did see these and wanna comment on anything, feel free to!

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cassie said...

dark knight is a bit long, but they're not kidding about heath ledgers Joker.

Stats a-go-go