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So, when I got to the shop yesterday, I noticed that there was apparently a new issue of Supergirl, number 31.

You can imagine my glee, because, well, I felt like last issue was a big mistake. With last issue, DC was inserting a stand-alone story right in the middle of an arc, and with a different creative team, at that!

So, well, I skimmed through issue 31. I didn't buy it mind you, I just skimmed it.
The good: Kelley Puckett is back on finishing his arc.
The bad: New artist guy?????

It's the new artist that made me put the book back. I mean, this just frustrates me so much.

Is it too much to ask for creative consistency? It is just so darn annoying to see another fill-in artist or a fill-in writer in the comics I read.

Rant done. Reviews now!

What if? Fantastic Four: A Tribute to Mike Wieringo
by a lot of people

Okay, this is from last week, but I was abstaining from buying anything last week because of the con.

Suffice it to say, this issue was awesome. The art is obviously a little choppy, because a lot of artists are getting in on it, but it's all in honor of Mr. Wieringo.

I didn't really know the guy, but it's a very fun and very heartfelt comic all the same. There's a story by Jeff Parker, a one-page comic strip by Chris Giarusso, and then a ton of prose dedications to the guy.

I think some of the proceeds go to the Hero Initiative, so if you haven't already gotten this comic, I very much recommend it.

And the strip by Chris Giarusso, some of which is here:

mini marvels

Mythos: Captain America

by Paul Jenkins and Paolo Rivera

Okay, I think this was from last week as well. Uhh, sorry.

Still, that doesn't really matter, because this is an out-of-continuity re-telling of Captain America's origins, and Cap will always amaze me, not just because he's led the Avengers or can throw that shield like an Olympian, but he braved through the Depression, and he was just a 98-pound kid who wanted to make something of himself.

It's just amazing that the army actually rejected him, but he had the guts to sign up for the top-secret Operation: Rebirth and became the Cap we all know and love.

Cap is a real hero, when the word actually meant something, and this comic is a perfect example of it.

Also, the art is insanely gorgeous. Painter Paolo Rivera even puts in his own sound effects!

sound effects

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