A coupla' fun panels

too lethargic today to make a real post. Blegh. Blame the weather. Blegh.

So Hal Jordan's niece is having a birthday party, and the Justice League is invited.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone's uncle was Hal Jordan?If it walks like Green Arrow and talks like Green Arrow, then it's Batman.

Explanation here:

I'd tell you the source, but I only scrounged up these scans from the internet, so I can't tell you. Maybe someone could help me out here?


Sea_of_Green said...

AH. These are from The Spectre #24 (2003). Ollie gets picked on all through the issue, in fact. I should do a post about it. It's pretty funny. :-)

Kevin T. said...

Thanks for the source, sea(can I call you that?)!

Oh my god, he gets picked on through the entire issue? That sounds like something I need to read now!

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